Create Impact with our Tools and Resources

We want to expand the social change ecosystem by creating a path for thousands of people to start and follow their social change journey. We do this by combing our multi-layered entrepreneurship programming and cross-sector community of change makers with innovative tools that share resources and impact opportunities inside and outside the Be Social Change community. This open-networked approach provides a framework for plugging into the social change ecosystem so members can discover, explore, and take action on how to best create meaningful change.

The first of these resource-sharing tools is our weekly Social Good Events Guide that curates the best social good events in the New York City area and Be Social Change Jobs that connects innovative social good startups and non-profits with the diverse talent within the Be Social Change community.

We believe everyone has the capacity to be a change maker and focus on creating the conditions for people to make the greatest impact inside and outside our community. By focusing on ways to enlarge the pie instead of grabbing a piece of it, we will expand social change opportunities for all.

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Centre for Social Innovation